On July 29th, 2001 at 6pm, the doors of the Angelika Film Center swung open. By 6:15 all 300 tickets for "Left Luggage" starring Isabella Rosellini & Maximillian Schell were distributed. The message to 3 Stars & the community was clear. Year round Jewish cinema had a new home.

3 Stars Jewish Cinema had arrived!

For 300 or so fortunate enough to secure a seat, it soon became clear that the evening was about more than just movies. It was about the power of movies to evoke the Jewish experience and reflection. The goal of 3 STARS JEWISH CINEMA is to bring rarely seen Jewish film of the highest quality and greatest diversity to our community. Our films continually amaze and astound while sparking thought-provoking discussions. They challenge the way we think and feel as Jews.


3 STARS JEWISH CINEMA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Jewish film series. The mission of 3 STARS JEWISH CINEMA is to create a forum for screening contemporary and classic Jewish film in the Dallas area. The screenings will portray the diversity of the Jewish experience; its culture, practice and history, through the lens of filmmakers.

Through these films, 3 STARS JEWISH CINEMA hopes to offer a deeper and more comprehensive insight into what it means to be a Jew.