3 Stars Jewish Cinema is a non-profit 501(c) (3)monthly Jewish film series.

We screen films made in Israel, the United States and throughout the world. Through these films, we explore the richness of our culture and heritage.

Some films are contemporary; others are classics. Some are academy award-winners, some are shorts and some are documentaries. 

Our goal is to create a forum where we can discuss what we view on screen by having a post-film dialogue with a guest speaker moderated by our artistic director, Bart Weiss.

Everyone is welcome — you don’t need to be Jewish to enjoy this film series!

Board President

Fonda Arbetter

Bart Weiss

Susan Kandell Wilkofsky

Dot Heller

Dr. Irwin Segal

Stuart Glass

Renee Stanley

Maristella Ostrewich

Artistic Director

Bart Weiss


Program Director

Susan Kandell Wilkofsky


Managing Director

Maristella Ostrewich