On July 29th, 2001 at 6pm, the doors of the Angelika Film Center swung open.  By 6:15 all 300 tickets for "Left Luggage" starring Isabella Rosellini & Maximillian Schell were distributed.  The message to 3 Stars & the community was clear. Year round Jewish cinema has a new home.

3 Stars Cinema had arrived!   

  For 300 or so fortunate enough to secure a seat, it soon became clear that the evening was about more than just movies.  It was about the power of movies to evoke Jewish experience and reflection.  Susan Wilkofsky and Bart Weiss welcomed the audience and explained the goal of 3 Stars, which is to bring rarely seen Jewish film of the highest quality and greatest diversity to this community.  Morton Meyerson, one of the founder of 3 Stars Cinema, offered some personal comments on how the Jewish film festival in San Francisco had moved and inspired him in recent years. He wanted his own community to experience Jewish film of that quality on a year-round basis. He promised that, under the artistic directorship of Bart Weiss, 3 Stars would bring films that would continually amaze and astound.  It would challenge the way we think and feel as Jews.  


The mission of 3 Stars Cinema is to create a forum for screening contemporary and classic Jewish film in the Dallas area . The screenings will portray the diversity of the Jewish experience; its culture, practice and history, through the lens of independent filmmakers.

3 Stars Cinema intends to promote dialogue arising from the images that we will view on the screen. To foster the dialogue, questions will be distributed at each screening in order to probe the universal and local aspects of the works under consideration. It is our intention for discussion to follow in the coffee shops and then continue into the homes of our audience. 

3 Stars Cinema will select films of a reflective nature and of interest to diverse segments of the Jewish community, both religious and secular, and from every culture where Jews find themselves. Through these films, 3 Stars hopes to offer a deeper and more comprehensive insight into what it means to be a Jew.